Monday, February 26, 2007

Blog Business: Comments

With apologies to readers who wish to leave legitimate comments, this blog has been hit by a rash of spam comments today and I have temporarily turned the comments off. If you have a comment that's honestly related to the content of any of the posts, you may e-mail me at the address listed and I will post your comments. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Friday Fun Thing Early: Happy Valentine's Day

Saw a brief news piece this morning that in essence said, "If you've blown Valentine's Day presents for this year, here's something new to consider for next year," and then showed "Rainbow Roses." It is not what you might be thinking, i.e., a bouquet of multi-colored blooms.

Instead, a product of Holland, they are amazing-looking artificially created real roses; the producer's site states, "Due to a unique colouring application, every rose petal receives its own cheerful colour." See them here and here and on the producer's site with other flowers being treated similarly here.

As a related fun aside, don't forget to pay attention to the Google Valentine logo today...yum!


Monday, February 12, 2007

CFLC Chronicles: Mandatory Reading

Last week, the biblioblogospheric buzz belonged to one particular blog post. No fewer than four people (and countless library blogs) pointed out to me that I ought to include in this blog a pointer to Are Librarians Totally Obsolete? 33 Reasons Why Libraries and Librarians are Still Extremely Important at the DegreeTutor site. Boy, were they right! (Thank you, all of you!)

In a reading round-up, here are some of the best substantive pieces I've come across discussing this quasi-manifesto:
If all this verbiage is too much to tackle, at the very least, read the original 33 good reasons. Read them; share them; take them to heart; and by all means, take them to policy makers and those who fund libraries. (My favorite summary comment about it [here from LibrarianInBlack]: "I would advise keeping this handy for the next time your city, citizens, students, administrations, etc. start rumbling about how there's really no need for libraries any more. Between this article and a stun gun, you should be well set to defend yourself.")


Friday Fun Thing Redux: Beauty Without Brains

I've been asked to post the Mercedes commercial again now that it's slipped off the front page to make it easier to find for a longer period of time. You'll be happy to know this time I've found it as a YouTube file so it won't play automatically and loudly every time the page opens!

For those who didn't see it the first time through, enjoy. For others, enjoy it again!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

CFLC Chronicles: Kingston Trio

Kudos to the Mount Dora Library Association for a very nice, very nostalgic, and very sold-out concert last night with the Kingston Trio.

Kudos (big ones!) also to the Kingston Trio who have just celebrated their 50th anniversary! And talk about "the show must go on" member had just broken his leg the day before. The concert ended as he ran out of Vicodin. ("But the lights are really pretty!")

Should you be jealous or chagrined for having missed this opportunity, don't despair. Just click on the Association's website for information on the special "back by popular demand" performance scheduled for February 9th next year. It was announced last night that tickets would go on sale March 1st.

Now, if someone could just tell me how to get M.T.A. out of my head...poor Charlie, riding forever 'neath the streets of Boston (and between my ears!).


Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Fun Thing: Ms. Dewey

This should actually be a Tuesday's Tool, but it's so different that it qualifies as a Friday Fun Thing...

Check out this Flash-based "interactive" search engine, Ms. Dewey. (And be sure you have your sound on!) I have looked it up and read about it and if you want to learn more, there are (currently) 223 blog entries here. Basically, it doesn't add or detract from simply going there and playing, however, so I'll let it go at, "Try it, you'll be intrigued!"


Thursday, February 08, 2007

CFLC Chronicles: Continuing Education Survey

From now until the end of February, CFLC is seeking your input - tell us what you REALLY think and help CFLC help you!

How can we meet your needs as a creative learner? Are there any courses or programs that you would like to see offered? What about times and methods of teaching? Here’s your chance to let us know what you need and want!

The CFLC Continuing Education (CE) committee would love to hear from you during February about your needs for continuing education topics, times, and methods. This will help CFLC plan upcoming workshops and continue to deliver high-quality and useful continuing education classes suited to your needs.

Are you a Librarian, a paraprofessional, a volunteer, or a library board member? Your opinions and requirements will help shape offerings that will meet your needs and represent you properly.

All library staff are encouraged to participate, since the more types of libraries and library personnel are represented, the broader and more realistic the picture of local needs will be.

The CE Committee is conducting this survey online using a company called Zoomerang. It is easy and quick - expect it to take only around five minutes of your time. The survey can be completely anonymous, though you can choose to input your name, in which case, your individual responses will be kept confidential. There's no need to gather any information ahead of time, as most of the questions just ask for your opinion.

Please take a very few minutes to complete CFLC's 2007 Continuing Education Survey, found here:

Help us spread the word to your co-workers and colleagues in other libraries. You can download a flyer in Word document format here and as a PDF here.

Thank you in advance for your time. We appreciate and welcome your honest feedback, opinions, and ideas.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday's Weblogs: Best of Blogs Award Nominations

Over at this page, they're accepting nominations in various categories for the 2006 Best of Blogs.

They're designed to recognize small blogs, so think of those hidden gems you read and nominate them by midnight EST on Friday, February 16. Voting will begin Friday, March 2.

There's actually not a form to nominate; you simply post a comment in the appropriate category with the name of the blog you're nominating.

Vote early and often(!).


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friday Fun Thing: Antiques Roadshow

Yesterday wasn't much of a day for fun things, so here's one a day late, courtesy of Diane H.'s sleuthing skills...

Wondering about that old "thing" Aunt Tillie has stashed in her attic? Here's your chance to find fame and fortune with it: Antiques Roadshow will be coming to Orlando during its 2007 Tour! See information at their page here about how to submit items and get tickets for the June 30th show. Online ticket application has begun already, so if you want to go, don't dally!

BTW, if you can't bring yourself to appear in public (or aren't chosen to do so) with Aunt Tillie's "thing," the page also has an interesting section on tips of the trade for do-it-yourself appraisals. Enjoy!


Friday, February 02, 2007

CFLC Chronicles: Weather Aftermath

As far as CFLC has been able to ascertain, member libraries came through the Central Florida tornadoes last night pretty well. The two counties appearing in the news as the most affected are Lake and Volusia. In Lake County, the library in Lady Lake is closed today because the power is out and there are a few staff members who have damage to their houses. Volusia County reports that all of their buildings are fine and that they have no reports yet of staff members with home damage.

Stetson closed for part of the day because of power outages, but buildings and staff are fine. Embry-Riddle came through last night's events unscathed but updated us on the aftermath of the Christmas Day tornado, saying "The library damage was minor compared to the campus but we still lost 780 books. The repairs have been made except for one so we are good to go." Having been to a meeting there earlier this month, I can tell you how massive and impressive the effort was on the part of the staff to get up and running again in such a timely fashion.

Kudos to ERAU and gratitude that all the recent weather events were not worse. Take an object lesson and make sure your library and home disaster and safety plans are up-to-date! Should you need it, CFLC has a Web page here that references a number of excellent disaster planning and mitigation resources.

Let us know if there are damaged libraries that we missed or that need help from CFLC or its members!