Friday, October 09, 2009

Tuesday’s Tools: Twitter

It's not Tuesday, but it's a great time to talk about a particular conversation on Twitter. If you're still not using Twitter (or even if you are), now's a good time to check out what's going on in the #libtwit discussion ( Pretty interesting conversation about Twitter usage and libraries. Join the fun! (And by the way, follow us @CFLC_FL.)


libraryfuture: "Basics of making Twitter useful" RT @TrendTracker @Twitter_Tips #libtwit Tips & The Why and How of Twitter

garvinfo Twitter is - 24/7 global, self-organizing, real-time news and conversation #libtwit

spcouta: And Archivists! @libraryfuture Being fluent w/ Twitter is a core skill for all librarians #libtwit (Not all librarians would agree however!)

montserratlj Twitter=e-conferences, e-prof dvlpmnt all year round-webinars, seminars, lectures, wrkshps via desktop; addictive! #libtwit



Mike S. said...

May my hand be stricken with paralysis before I ever Twitter!!
Mike at SSCoF

suvarna said...

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Thanks For Great Information .